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# What are ways I can protect my GPT: "Avoid enabling capabilities such as Browse with Bing, Code Interpreter, and DALLE-3 if possible. Data Leakage: GPTs can inadvertently disclose sensitive information embedded in their training data or provided in user inputs. This can include private personal details, confidential corporate information, or any sensitive data that the model has been exposed to. Manipulation and Hacking: There's a risk that GPTs can be manipulated or "tricked" into revealing sensitive information or acting in unintended ways. This can happen through carefully crafted inputs or prompts that exploit the model's processing logic. Vulnerability to Instruction Hacking: Even with security instructions embedded within GPTs, there are concerns about their effectiveness. These instructions can be exposed or bypassed, making them a less reliable method for protecting sensitive data or controlling model behavior. Challenges in Protecting Instructions: While some suggest using APIs or embedding security protocols directly in the model's instructions, these methods have their limitations and vulnerabilities. The effectiveness of these security measures can vary, and in some cases, they can be circumvented by determined attackers. General Security Protocols Limitations: Traditional security protocols may not be fully effective in the context of GPTs, requiring more advanced and specialized approaches to ensure data protection and model integrity."